The catalog of products that we present is the result of the fusion between the long expe- rience that the field and its farmers have given us, as well as the results that over the years we have been extracting from the different crops on which we have worked.

The challenges that have been posed to us on a day-to-day basis have served us to improve the development and production of our formulations, and this is how we have been able to shape this catalog, with which we are convinced, that we will help to solve the different needs that you have in your farms.

The confidence that each farmer supports us, gives us the greatest of commitments to all of you, so that our products are a guarantee of qua- lity, innovation and development, all this with the utmost respect for the environment. This is our primary objective and we put our efforts into it.

In order to be up to the needs of today’s modern and organic agriculture, we are certifying as organic an extensive group of products from our manufactured line, some common and others newly created. In this way we guarantee its use in Organic Agriculture.

Our products are a guarantee of quality, innovation and development.

We will continue as always, working and collaborating with all of you, so that in this way our R+D+I team and our laboratory develop and formulate what is necessary to achieve balanced and profitable crops.

Finally, we are pleased to put ourselves in your hands and inform you that if you read this catalo- gue, either as a distributor or as a farmer, know that behind this work, there is a great team of professionals who are thinking about the profitability of your farm, in each and every decision they take.